Organic Foaming Hand Soap Refills

If you’re considering buying a Kitchen Classics built in stainless steel soap dispenser, or even if you already have another foaming dispenser, you should check out the 100% all-natural foaming soap. This organic Citrus Blossom foaming hand soap is made by the same trusted company as the built in soap dispenser, and with the same emphasis on health, environment, and quality.

Quality Points:

  • 100% All-Natural organically made. No animal fats, by-products, toxic chemicals, or synthetic components were used in the making of this luxurious foam soap.
  • Super concentrated form and packaging ensures you save money while minimizing plastic waste, as so that our landfills do not become too full of environmentally harmful plastics.
  • Saves you a substantial amount of money. You only have to buy this soap every couple of years. That means no more mass buying of those tiny little plastic soap bottles.
  • May be easy on the hair, skin, environment, and foaming dispenser; But it stands strong against dirt. Don’t let the light, fluffy, and gentle persona of this foam soap fool you; it fights hard (and wins) against even the toughest of grime. Wash your hands with this organic foam soap anytime, even after working on a greasy car engine. Give it a shot… you’ll be impressed.
  • Multi-Functional! Pop this baby into your sink soap dispenser and you’re ready to tackle clean anything. This may have been especially formulated as a foaming hand soap; however it’s a wonderful cleaning agent for almost anything. Dishes, laundry, the car, countertops, hair, body… clean it all! Clean everything for just one concentrated price!
  • Made from scratch in a small-man soap factory, turning over only 1,000 bottles per shipment. This foaming liquid soap is not mass produced by corporate or chain manufacturers. Consequently, you may find that the soap is out of stock from time to time; but remember, no commercialized production equals no commercialized toxins. organic foaming soap

The all natural soap is packed with beneficial minerals and oils, smells amazing, and is super concentrated. The directions say to mix one thirds soap with two thirds water; however you can easily dilute it to your desired consistency. This means that one bottle will make at least 48 ounces of foam soap, and possibly even more. You won’t have to worry about having to buy refill foaming soap for a couple of years.

Aside from lasting forever and smelling incredible, the Kitchen Classics foam soap refill is especially designed for the foaming dispenser, and has absolutely no harsh chemicals or toxins. This ensures that the foaming liquid soap is undeniably safe for your skin and easy on the life of your stainless steel soap dispenser.